Bitloads, or bit payloads, are compact payloads containing binary representations of data. It’s a generic binary serialization format for Python objects.

Today, serializing data in text-based formats JSON and XML is quite popular. These formats are easy to handle, flexible, and don’t rquire too much effort to use. The tradeoff is the size in bytes serialized payload consumes. When transmitting data over connections with limited bandwidth and/or high bandwidth cost, a more efficient way of storing data may be needed. This library was created to serve this need.

In bitloads, the structure and the size of each piece of data that goes into the payload must be known in advance. It does not support complex sturctures either. The lack the flexibility and convenience of text-based formats, is a tradeoff for optimizing for size. Bitloads are somewhat similar to structs, but they allow for even tighter packing of data.

The pybtl uses a declarative syntax for describing conversion of python objects into bitloads and vice versa, and provides the tools for performing the conversions. The name of the library has also been shotened to reflect its purpose. :)

Source code

The source code is available on GitHub


pybtl is licensed under BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file in the source tree for more information.